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08/12/2014 - Introducing the ITS Commander

This is the first product specifically designed to meet the environmental and functional requirements for true remote power management and remote system monitoring for critical outdoor communication devices such as ITS.

Go to the ITS Commander tab under enclosures to learn more and download a data sheet. 

ITS Solutions


ITS EnclosureIntelligent Transportation Systems require enclosures that integrate flexible design and variable configurations to meet the needs of modern traffic control, surveillance and messaging enclosures.
IISNS Solutions


SCADAInternally illuminated signs are a rich part of our heritage, and we pioneered the LED street name sign. Save money, improve safety, and get your traffic flowing with illuminated signs.


IISNS EnclosureSupervisory Control and Data Acquisition enclosures have become one of the most commonly requested items at Southern Manufacturing because of our ability to custom manufacture to any specification.

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For 75 years, Southern Manufacturing Company has been innovating the traffic control industry with custom-designed traffic control signage, illuminated signage, LED street name signs and specialty ITS, UPS, NEMA and flasher detector enclosures in aluminum or stainless steel. A pioneer in the use of LED lighting for illuminated street name and lane control signs, Southern Manufacturing works with engineers and municipalities to engineer solutions that save time and money while improving the accuracy of traffic flows that increase safety and reduce congestion.

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