Introducing the ITS Commander

August 12, 2014

Introducing the ITS Commander - Take Control.

The new ITS COMMANDER is desgined to improve sustem reliablity and lower the cost of ownership through reduced maintenance costs.  The system benefits both the owning and maintaining agencies by promptly sending signals of any abnormal situation, allowing routine monitoring of critical equipment, and providing the capability to remotely control outlets to reboot equipment.  These features can reduce unnecessary trips to inspect or service the cabinet, thereby saving time and money.

We have designed a single unit that is one rack unit high (1.75") that incoporated individually addressable IP 120VAC outlets, AC/DC electro mechanical relays, and optically isolated inputs to monitor dry contacts.  Users can reset outlets to re-boot equipment, either AC or DC, get alters for out of normal conditions such as temperature, door alarms, low batteries, blown surge, etc.  All remotely from an office or anywhere with internet connections.  It also has data logging and scheduling capabilities.

The firmware is a basic gooey interface that is easy to use with SSL security capability.  Contact us to learn more or visit