Standard "A" Body LED Street Name Signs

Internally illuminated street name signs are easier for drivers to see, which enhances navigation and safety.  They are especially popular in areas with a lot of out-of-town drivers such as shopping hubs, college towns, vacation destinations, and communities with a large number of older citizens.  IISNS meet all of the visibility standards of the FWHA even without adding retroreflective backgrounds.

The Standard “A” Body LED street name sign is constructed with our dedication to design and technology that matches our customer’s need with products that excel in ease of maintenance and durability. Signs are available in lengths from 4' to 10' and either 19" or 24" tall.  The sketch below provides more detailed data and a comparison to its thinner cousin.  The signs are available as either single or double sided. As with all Southern signs, they are fully compliant with MUTCD requirements for letter size and spacing. 

The signs are designed to have a minimum usable life in excess of 10 years, and the LED circuitry is engineered such that if one LED fails the other LEDs are not affected.  Even with the long service-free life, as with all Southern signs, they are designed to be serviceable in place with out any special tools.  Should the street be renamed or if the lens has to be replaced for any reason, most sign shops can make replacement lenses. Swapping out lenses requires no use of tools.

The .125” gauge aluminum body is continuously welded for superior strength and weather protection that can withstand winds of 110 mph. Polycarbonate lenses and films are specifically designed for outdoor use and are engineered to hold up to UV rays.  In addition to standard green and blue backgrounds, signs can be built with retroreflective backgrounds.

In addition to improving visibility, Southern's signs can help set a community apart. Our advanced CAD system can reproduce any logo, and the powder-coated housing can be painted to match the color of the mast arms to compliment the streetscape of any city.

Each sign is FDOT approved and UL listed and comes with a 7 year limited warranty.


Illuminated Street Signs

Standard Sign
  • Designed for maximum illumination and easy maintenance.
  • Available in single or double faces with Phillips Rebel LED strips.
 Thin LED Sign
  • All of the advantages of our standard LED, but a slimmer frame.
  • Rigid or swinging mount.
  • 19 inch only.

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