ITS Enclosures and Cabinets

Southern Manufacturing is your source for ITS enclosures and cabinets. Cabinets can be customized to house specific equipment while blending in with normal traffic control equipment. We design, manufacture, and test our cabinets and enclosures to offer functionality, security, and protection against weather and vandalism. Southern Manufacturing's remote & field enclosures are designed to deliver maximum protection for your valuable electronic control systems.

Enclosures for ITS systems and the requirement to protect and secure electronic equipment in outdoor and remote locations has lead to the need for a flexible enclosure / cabinet solution.

Southern Manufacturing produces enclosures and field cabinets for any application including:

  • ITS equipment (intelligent transportation systems)
  • Remote telemetry receivers and transmitters
  • Road monitoring and traffic management & control equipment
  • CCTV security applications
  • Port surveillance and security
  • Travel Time Systems, TTS
  • Highway Advisory Radio, HAR
  • Dynamic Message Signs, DMS

Southern can meet your ITS enclosure requirements with custom sizes, configurations, doors, racking solutions, shelves, uni-struts and finishes. Southern has produced hundreds of specialized enclosures, so there is a strong likelihood that we already have drawings that, if not an exact match, can be quickly engineered in solid works.

We offer both bare enclosures and enclosures complete with power panels and other features that make them ready to integrate you electronic equipment and fiber devices.  The most common power panels are either 120V with a 30 amp breaker or 120V240V with a 60 amp breaker.  We can also integrate UPS, air conditioning, heaters, outlet strips, additional breakers, and remote monitoring systems into the power panel, saving you time and money.  Our detailed submittal packages speed the approval process, saving time and minimizing field changes. Integrating the UPS, and other accessories eliminates the need to wire these in the field.  The optional remote management system can send alters to the maintenance contractor and owner on key performance criteria such as surge status, temperature alarm, access, UPS status as well allowing remote "rebooting."

Talk to one of our representatives about how Southern's ITS solutions can contribute to a successful and profitable project. 

To talk with a Southern representative please call us at (800) 866.5699 or email us at Southern Manufacturing.